im new to programming. every time I try to compile my programs I get the message saying "expected unqualified id before '{' token.
heres an example:
int main()

 int a, b;
printf("Enter the first value:");
scanf("%d", &a);
printf("Enter the second value:");
scanf("%d", &b);
a = b + (a++) b++;  
printf("%d + %d = %d\n", a+1, b+1);
printf("Press enter to display orginal vales again");
printf("%d + %d =%d\n", a, b);
return 0;

the question is;
Write a program that carries out the following steps:

stores a number of your choice in a variable called a
copies the value of a into another variable called b
displays the values currently stored in a and b using a printf() statement
displays the values of a and b again, but this time use a++ and ++b (instead of just plain a and b) in the printf() statement.
(Note that the ++ comes After the a, and Before the b.)
displays the values of a and b once more
If things have gone right, a and b should have the same value as each other in the first and third lines of output, but different values from each other in the second line of output.

any help on how I can improve this code and all my future codes so I wont get that message anymore??

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