Hi. I wanted to create a GUI application with C++ as a personal project. I am using that because I have done a lot of GUI personal projects in Java but never in C++, so I want to try using a new coding language I learned. I don't know a lot about GUI with C++ (only header files and some library components of C++) so I decided to look up some information on how to do this in C++.

However, when I go to look up information about non-editable radio buttons in C++ and more, I don't get a lot of information. Is it because no one really uses C++ for making graphic user interface? If they do use C++ for GUI sometimes then can someone send me a link that shows the library functions for the GUI components, how to use these functions and some source code that has an example of how to use it?

I know that some IDE's allow you to click and drag buttons, but I want to try and write this code from scratch. Also, I am using Codelite for this project and (as far I know) I don't think it will allow you to click and drag buttons.

Since the base C++ as we know it libraries are not about the GUI you have to decide which OS and library you want to use. Or if you are on Windows you can go get the free community version of Visual Studio and start a graphical C++ app.

Then again you wrote you want to write from scratch so does that mean no libraries, no Visual Studio? If so, we'll see you in a few years with your app finally seeing the light of day.

Ok. I see what you mean. When I said I wanted to write the code "from scratch", I didn't mean without an IDE or library functions. That seems too hard. Sorry for the confusion.

When you say decided on the operating system, do you mean this:

I just used include windows.h. Doesn't that mean this function has other things in it like check boxes, buttons and more for a windows operating system (I heard that it is more of an API which means it's not a GUI that has GUI components)? Sorry, I guess I'm not exactly a professional yet.

I understand your desire to try and code a GUI from scratch as it were. However one of the reasons IDE's with drag-n-drop interfaces were created, is because programmers found that a hugely disproportionate amount of time was spent on the GUI rather than the logic of the program.

Basically with Visual Studio is great for programming GUI's in Windows and it does include a drag-n-drop interface, you can even code your app to be cross platform and use it with other operating systems. However to use c++, you'll have to learn the .net library and how it is used in c++. Personally I find using C# much easier and more intuitive for this. Another alternative is the Qt library which is cross platform, but I'm not sure if there is an IDE that supports drag-n-drop for it. Possible a multi language IDE like Eclipse or NetBeans would.

Thank you so much tinstaafl. I understand. It's just easier to build an app via an IDE that has a "click and drag" feature. I have used Eclipse for Java and Visual Basics at school but did not know it had that feature. I'll same time and just use those IDE'S instead.

The Securities/Stock trading crowd like c++ for the speed, and XWindows was there long before most others.

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