Hi All i am having a python code i have to convert this to java i have placed the code below

import boto3
import sys
import re
import json

def get_kv_map(file_name):

    with open(file_name, 'rb') as file:
        img_test = file.read()
        bytes_test = bytearray(img_test)
        print('Image loaded', file_name)

    # process using image bytes
    client = boto3.client('textract')
    response = client.analyze_document(Document={'Bytes': bytes_test}, FeatureTypes=['FORMS'])

    # Get the text blocks

    # get key and value maps
    key_map = {}
    value_map = {}
    block_map = {}
    for block in blocks:
        block_id = block['Id']
        block_map[block_id] = block
        if block['BlockType'] == "KEY_VALUE_SET":
            if 'KEY' in block['EntityTypes']:
                key_map[block_id] = block
                value_map[block_id] = block

    return key_map, value_map, block_map

def get_kv_relationship(key_map, value_map, block_map):
    kvs = {}
    for block_id, key_block in key_map.items():
        value_block = find_value_block(key_block, value_map)
        key = get_text(key_block, block_map)
        val = get_text(value_block, block_map)
        kvs[key] = val
    return kvs

def find_value_block(key_block, value_map):
    for relationship in key_block['Relationships']:
        if relationship['Type'] == 'VALUE':
            for value_id in relationship['Ids']:
                value_block = value_map[value_id]
    return value_block

def get_text(result, blocks_map):
    text = ''
    if 'Relationships' in result:
        for relationship in result['Relationships']:
            if relationship['Type'] == 'CHILD':
                for child_id in relationship['Ids']:
                    word = blocks_map[child_id]
                    if word['BlockType'] == 'WORD':
                        text += word['Text'] + ' '
                    if word['BlockType'] == 'SELECTION_ELEMENT':
                        if word['SelectionStatus'] == 'SELECTED':
                            text += 'X '    

    return text

def print_kvs(kvs):
    for key, value in kvs.items():
        print(key, ":", value)

def search_value(kvs, search_key):
    for key, value in kvs.items():
        if re.search(search_key, key, re.IGNORECASE):
            return value

def main(file_name):

    key_map, value_map, block_map = get_kv_map(file_name)

    # Get Key Value relationship
    kvs = get_kv_relationship(key_map, value_map, block_map)
    print("\n\n== FOUND KEY : VALUE pairs ===\n")

    # Start searching a key value
    while input('\n Do you want to search a value for a key? (enter "n" for exit) ') != 'n':
        search_key = input('\n Enter a search key:')
        print('The value is:', search_value(kvs, search_key))

if __name__ == "__main__":
    file_name = sys.argv[1]

Could any one convert the above code in java. Kindly help me out to solve this
Thanks in advance

That would be amazing to find a conversion. I looked at line 1 and find an Amazon Web Services (AWS) interface so all that would have to be coded as well. As such I hope you have a lot of time to convert this.

Here's an idea, why not call this .py from your Java and get it done by any means possible?

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