Operator Overloading for Polynomial Class - Your goal is to overload the operators for a generic Polynomial
class. A polynomial will be represented via its coefficients. Here is a degree of third degree polynomial 4x3+ 3x + 2;
here will be four coefficients and the coefficient corresponding to 2nd power is zero. You will need to write three
files (polynomial.h, polynomial.cpp and polynomialMain.cpp). Your implemented class must fully provide the
definitions of following class (interface) functions. Please also write down the test code to drive your class
implementation. Please note that we will be running your code against our test code and any segmentation faults
or incorrect result will result in loss of marks.

And you expect someone here to do your homework for you? That's not going to happen. Show us that you have put some effort into doing this yourself. If you are stuck we will try to help you out.

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