Apostle “Kojo Safo” popularly known as “KANTANKA (KTA)” is one of the renowned entrepreneurs in Ghana. He manufactures cars, agriculture light and heavy duty machinery just to mention a few. His products have attracted many investors both local and foreign. However, sales of his manufactured cars in particular, have seen very little patronage in Ghana. The argument is that; the cars have not been properly tested but have been given the green light by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to be used in Ghana. Most of the cars on our roads today are accident cars imported from the western world. It is being debated that these imported cars contribute immensely to the high road accident cases in Ghana. The government has decided to charge 0.5 % tax on every car purchased from KTA. This will increase sales of KTA cars and arguably reduce road accidents in Ghana. You are to write a program. Your program should:

a. Request for a username and password to be inputted. Your username and password should grant access to the program if they are correctly inputted.

b. Your program should have a function that calculates and displays the tax on any car purchased.

c. Your program should be able to perform “b” above at least 10 times.

d. Assuming sales have now gone up and the government has scraped the tax incentive. A tax of 25% imposed on each car sale. Modify a portion of the code to reflect the new development.

e. Explain how the Ghana Revenue Agency (GRA) can use your program to calculate tax on goods imported into the country.

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sure, will post the ones i tried my hands on. Thanks

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