Hello guys, I am currently working on an insurance management system and i need help on how to use files and on how to create an admin side since I am new to this. Thank you

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About how to use files is quite the topic. You'll have to reveal how far along you are in your coursework or if you want to delete, read, alter or create said files. There are tutorials in abundance which you can use to catch up if you skipped taking classes.

But let's forget all that. Wouldn't a modern system build this as a web page with the backend on the server and you accessing such with a browser?
Also, where's your design document for such a system? Sometimes folk code first and design later.

commented: Actually I am in the basics in c++. currently on functions. I am done with the topic on file but am not getting how to use it the my project. +0

I was in the process of writing a response and after two sentences I realized I had already put more effort into replying than you did in creating the original post. Please show us what you have and where you are stuck.

commented: #include <iostream> #include <fstream> using namespace std; /* The SMM Insurance Management System */ //function prototypes void displayMenu(); void +0

My progress soo far. I need help on how to use the files in the project and also in creating the admin side. Also to know if I am on the right path.

You still haven't shown us that you have put any effort into doing this yourself. If you don't pony up then this thread will likely be ignored.

commented: Giddyup. +15
commented: I have been trying tom paste a copy but having a tough time doing that +0
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