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Dear All,
How to Save Finger Print (Template/Minutiae) into database, using SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 finger print reader, i have also downloaded SDK,
in there sample code there is no any function to save Finger Print (Template/Minutiae) into database using
Please guide me.
the sample code is here

Imports System.Text
Imports SecuGen.FDxSDKPro.Windows

  Dim m_FPM As SGFingerPrintManager
   Dim m_LedOn As Boolean
   Dim m_ImageWidth As Int32
   Dim m_ImageHeight As Int32
   Dim m_RegMin1(400) As Byte
   Dim m_RegMin2(400) As Byte
   Dim m_VrfMin(400) As Byte
   Dim m_DevList() As SGFPMDeviceList

Private Sub BtnRegister_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles BtnRegister.Click
    Dim iError As Int32
    Dim matched As Boolean
    Dim match_score As Int32
    Dim secu_level As SGFPMSecurityLevel

    matched = False
    match_score = 0

    secu_level = comboBoxSecuLevel_R.SelectedIndex

    iError = m_FPM.MatchTemplate(m_RegMin1, m_RegMin2, secu_level, matched)
    iError = m_FPM.GetMatchingScore(m_RegMin1, m_RegMin2, match_score)

    If (iError = SGFPMError.ERROR_NONE) Then
        If (matched) Then

            StatusBar.Text = "Registration Success, Matching Score: " + Convert.ToString(match_score)

'--------Save Finger Print (Template/Minutiae) into database required here. using VB.Net

            StatusBar.Text = "Registration Failed"
        End If

        DisplayError("GetMatchingScore", iError)
    End If

End Sub

'--------------------------------- For Matching on runtime code is here

   Private Sub BtnVerify_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles BtnVerify.Click
    Dim iError As Int32
    Dim matched1 As Boolean
    Dim matched2 As Boolean
    Dim secu_level As SGFPMSecurityLevel

    secu_level = comboBoxSecuLevel_V.SelectedIndex

    iError = m_FPM.MatchTemplate(m_RegMin1, m_VrfMin, secu_level, matched1)
    iError = m_FPM.MatchTemplate(m_RegMin2, m_VrfMin, secu_level, matched2)

    If (iError = SGFPMError.ERROR_NONE) Then
        If (matched1 And matched2) Then
            StatusBar.Text = "Verification Success"
            StatusBar.Text = "Verification Failed"
        End If

        DisplayError("MatchTemplate", iError)
    End If

End Sub

''''''Please guid me how to save Template into database.
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