Hi I'm new here and have a small problem using VB.NET.

I have a small hand held device that reads data from a sensor when it is held close to the sensor. The data is saved in the device but there is only a limited amount of space available. The device can be connected to a computer using a USB cable, this connection is also used to charge the device.

When I connect the device to my computer it does not show up in Windows Explorer, in the device display a message is shown "Connected with computer".

I want to see what files are saved on the device and read the data stored on it. It is just a reading job, I do not want to write to the device.

Can anyone point me in the right direction so that I can start writing some code. All help would be greatly welcome.

Best regards,

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Sorry but not yet and maybe no. While I've worked with such over the years, in all cases the device is known (make, model, etc.) as well as the maker supplying drivers and API examples.

There is no known generic solution to what you ask given what you told so far.

What to do next? Ask the maker how to transfer data. Tell others what this device make, model and maker's web site is if you want to have any hope that others will offer ideas.

Some devices offer a setting that allows Windows to automatically assign a drive letter when the device is mounted.

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