1) Create an application in the form (Windows forms) which will fix the problem of:
a. Product registration and its data such as: name, purchase price, price of
sales, VAT, and profit.

i. Name it in a string string [N]

ii. Purchase price, selling price, VAT, and profit to be stored in a range of two
dimensional of the double type [N, 4].

iii. In this way, the record names will be mapped / linked

b. Create methods for:
i. VAT calculation, which accepts the sale price as a parameter and
returns the value of VAT.
VAT = Sales Price * 0.18

ii. Profit calculation, which accepts the sale and purchase price as
Profit = selling price - VAT (above method) - purchase price

iii. The display of total profit, which accepts the double string as a parameter and
returns the total profit.

iv. Display the total VAT, which also accepts the double string as well

v. Recreating string and double strings, which accepts these strings as
parameter and rewrite them by increasing the memory space for one
c. Display all products in any label in the same form
i. For example: Coca Cola | 1.00 | 2.00 | 0.36 | 0.64 |
Sprite | 1.00 | 2.00 | 0.36 | 0.64 |
d. Create event handler for:
i. txtCmimiIselling which will call the methods for calculating VAT and profit
and will initialize those values ​​to the corresponding txt.
ii. btnRuaj which will call the method for recreating the verses then save
in string string naming while in double string the purchase price,
sales, VAT, and profit.

iii. btnSphere Profit which will call the profit calculation method and will
displays the value in the messagebox.

iv. btnAdvancesThe tax which will call the method for calculating VAT and
will display the value in the messagebox.

v. btnShfaqTeAll points c of the task

Keeping in mind this is your homework, posting the assignment has never resulted in anyone writing the app, documentation and a tutorial for you to stand up to your professor grilling you with "Now why did you do that here?"

That out of the way, what's stopping you from getting any item completed?

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