Hi, could you please let me know what should I learn first about programing? I mean, may be I need to learn HTML, C++, Java, read a specific book, I don't know where to start and hope you can show me the way, please!! I would really appreciate it

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Given the tags you supplied I'd skip Visual Basic 6 unless you have a job offer on the table and even then, you have a few months to get up on your feet.

I know that many colleges are closed to class instruction but why not online courses? You can find them in your language with the usual searches.

Example: https://www.codecademy.com/learn/paths/computer-science has a try it for free. Not a bad way to get started.

I suggest work on your Competitive Programming skills which will help in your problem-solving and logical ability to come up with a programming solution & to do that you need choose a programming laguage you are comfortable with, preferably C++.
Work on mastering Data structures, Algorithms.
Practice problems on websites like CodeChef, Topcoder, InterviewBit and start participating in coding contests..... start with basic level & slowly advance to solving complex problems.
Here are a few prominent youtube channels that you might find helpful: Gaurav Sen, Rachit Jain, Errichto, Scaler Academy. Happy coding:)

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