I am good in different languages, that is:
Java, python, C#, VB.NET, php, javascript
I have been programming for a while now it's about 2 and half years but the issue is when I focus on one language I tend to concentrate on it more than the others which leads to some challenge going back and use other comfortably.
I also want to become a full stack developer and focus more on android.

Here now is the question:
Should I focus on one domain and drop the others that is, android, data science, web developer etc. Should I pick one field of focus?
If any has had this kind of challenge speak your heart and how you understand the best way to output your best.

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Hi bro , can you talk with you
my email : polpomajdi@gmail.com

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I would suggest you to go for the most lucrative long term option, I did web development for almost 2 years, but than saw good scope and opportunity offered by GoodCore in mobile app development, so moved to it. In future I plan to move towards AI. I hope this helps. Regards

Re: Challenges in programming career 80 80

I would advise you to focus on one thing.

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Re: Challenges in programming career 80 80

Well I will say keep programming, I'm a full stack developer, I use different languages but that because I'm not just a web developer but a full software developer.

In my case this is what I do, I work a lot on programming and developing new systems for different platforms with different requirements which end up having to use different languages like if I want to work directly with the OS I mostly use C++ for that because of it flexibility in interception of OS messages, but for other lighter softwares I use VB.NET/Java/ but what nice with Java is that it can do almost all the things you can do with C++ but the problem is the dependencies that you need to work on and or with which end up being a stress of it own but.

In short it helps if you work with different problems to know many languages because some platform's don't support other things which you will require and it also became easy to convert codes/source codes to any language and you fit everywhere.

But PHP, Java, JavaScript, and others I will say it a must to know for the web and mobile App development.

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