These is a project that a guy shared on GitHub that has all the information(code) for creating a windows application. That app will receive data from an arduino uno and change it into g-code for a post processor Mach3. I can use his app(exe.) with no problems, but I would like to change and modify his code for my own project.

What I have did so far:

Installed Visual basic 6
Tried to copy/paste his code into the forms, class modules, etc just to execute and produce the same application that his has shared.


Not understanding visual Bacis 6.
Order of devloping an application.
Code debug errors.
Not knowing if his code correlates only with the operating system that he uses.

It's difficult to understand what takes someone years of experience for there knowledge and acheivement in a field.
If anyone is willing to help me through, please repond and I will show you his GitHub link and explain further into detail.


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If only pasting code would result in a VB6 app to work. I'd give yourself time to see if there are any VB6 tutorials on the web but let's write one reason pasting code is likely to do nothing at all.

In VB6 you have forms and objects that you have to connect to said code to run. In short, why would said code work at all?

I have been browsing for information about vb6. Yes, I have time. Between understanding what needs to connect and how the code works to inface all is where my knowledge begins.

Start with say a button. Creating a button does not instantly connect code to the button. However while in the IDE, double click on the button and in the default setup (I have mention this because folk can change so much in the system) the code for the button click will be created and you can add code there.

Later you can use other ways to get code to run in response to user actions.

How do I get my email address to you, or how to otherwise exchange comments ?

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