I am looking to sort an arraylist of arraylist of doubles and I require help?

I was informed that I need to implement comparator or comparable and then use the collection.sort to sort the list of list in order...

ArrayList<ArrayList> list = new ArrayList<ArrayList>()

If you look at the list of list as the following example:




It show go to this




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An ArraylIst of ArrayLists is like a 2d array. Which means that there's no single definition of what it means to sort it. Eg
Sort each sub list ?
sort the sublists within the main list according to some criteria ?
sort all of the data and store the result in the same sized 2d array?

You need to specify what you mean by sort in this case.

ps: the Double class already implememnts Comparable, so you can use Collections.sort on a List of Doubles without any other code.

Here's a way that is in place, that uses bubble sort.

  public static void sortColumns(ArrayList<ArrayList<Double>> arr){
      int limit = arr.size();
      boolean isSwapped = false;
      for(int col = 0; col < limit; ++col){
            isSwapped = false;            
            for(int row = 0; row < limit - 1; ++row){
                if(arr.get(row).get(col) > arr.get(row+1).get(col)){
                    isSwapped = true;

  private static void swap(ArrayList<ArrayList<Double>> arr, int rowA, int colA, int rowB, int colB){
      Double temp = arr.get(rowA).get(colA);
      arr.get(rowB).set(colB, temp);

Why write your own bubble sort when Collections.sort exists and does it better?

How would you write a function for Collection.sort to do that? It doesn't normally sort by columns.

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