how to create an app that employees can use to manage the main warehouse. The app must allow the user to enter the spare parts by serial number, name and/or use an external par code reader and specify which parts were dispatched to which aircraft notified by its number in the fleet. The app will then calculate the quantity of items for each type of spare part along with the price of the item then the App MUST give warnings about the remaining balance of the spare parts when it reaches only “4” items left in stock. If a user attempts to quarry about a certain item he should be able to do it using item’s serial number, or item’s name, an error message will be displayed informing the user that necessary input is missing. The GUI of the App must show the logo of the company (choose one of your own design) along with company name and contact details (address, telephone number, website... etc).

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Frankly no one I know would create this app. Instead they would setup the usual web server and site that does what you ask to avoid having to deal with distributing and updating some app.

Remember you didn't write this was some homework so this let's me write about how such an app is now done with a web server, possilbly PHP, HTML, and such.

There are many fine tutorials out there such as

It's like giving some directions on how to get to a destination. The directions depend entirely on knowing the starting point.

commented: Yes, I've been there. The "Where are we going and why am I in a handbaket?" moments. +0
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