I neet to build an vb.net app to comunicate to specific Windows app COM object by sending the XML request and then collect the XML response but I have no idea how to do it. Can anyone guide me how to do it?
Here is the COM spec:

IPixPosTrans is a Windows COM interface that can be used with most single and multithreading Windows application development environments and languages. It does not have any initialization or finalization routines.

Interface: IPixPosTrans
Flags: (4416) Dual OleAutomation Dispatchable
GUID: A1AED31D-876C-4AA3-AF60-3560062660DF
IPixPosTrans = interface(IDispatch)
function ProcessRequest(const Request: WideString): WideString; safecall;

Note: The ProcessRequest function has a "dispid = 201".
Also note: Multi-threaded and multi-process calls are possible, but they will be internally serialized.

Winsock Interface
Winsock Secure Server is the module on the EOI Station that listens for requests sent from the EOI Host, and sends the POS responses back. It uses the API to translate this information on route. The request is made in XML. The response is made in XML. The port number is 87 (but can be changed on route.

  • the request is made in XML
  • the response is made in XML
  • the port number is 87 (but can be changed on the server if necessary)
  • the certificate name is PixSecWinSrv

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I did notice you wrote "It uses the API" which means the company that created this device would have not only the API but usually has support for programmers and if there is no programmer on your staff, consultants and programmers for hire.

Have a look at:



IIRC, you'll neet to get the type name like so:

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