Trying to have a script built that locks the content until user refers a friend to signup, then they are granted access. They have a set amount of time, as a timer counts down or their account is deactivated. Its for a game we are creating and want to use this type system. Is there anyone who has done this?

I have hired someone to build it but i see lol he doesnt know what he is please.

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While this is something very doable in PHP (which is the language I code in), unfortunately I don’t know of any existing scripts that do just this. In the past, I’ve had a good experience hiring people from Upwork. As long as your requirements are clear, it’s definitely worth checking it. They refund your money and find someone else for you if it doesn’t work out.

For many years I've seen trouble in development like this. Often the person who wants the app or script didn't provide what we used to call a SDD. details it in full.

Yes, often the client wants to bypass such documents but without them we don't know what they want and you guessed it, we pass up on such work.

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