Am trying to implement face detection using the PCA algorithm in C#,I have a button on my windows forms that is supposed to intitiate the learning process once it is clicked. It should use the images in a folder called training to compute the eigen values and eigen vectors so that it would be able to identify a similar image from the test folder. I have loaded all the 200 images in the training folder into an array list and now my problem is converting this collection of images to a one dimension vector so that i can be able to compute the co-variance matrix and eigen values for it. My code is listed below, if there is any way my code can be improved then your corrections are welcome

namespace PCA
    public partial class Form1 : Form
        //the mapack library has been used to create new instances of the matrices
        //hold the width and height of an image in a variable
        static int height = 112;
        static int width = 92;
        //store the number of train images in a variable
        static int train_images = 200;
        //store the number of eigen values to keep in a variable
        static int eigen_values = 50;
        //initialize the matrix data
        PCALib.Matrix matrix_data = new PCALib.Matrix(train_images, width * height);
        //initialize the Target matrix data
        PCALib.Matrix T = new PCALib.Matrix(train_images,eigen_values);
        //initialize the mean of the images
        int image_mean = 0;
        //initialize the image array 
        List<Image> training = new List<Image>();
        //the path to the images
        static string path = "C:/Users/TimothyFarCry5/Documents/visual studio 2015/Projects/PCA/PCA/training";
        public Form1()
        //the method below starts the training process
        private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            /*read all the images in the training folder into an array
            in this case the images are already in gray scale so we do not need to convert
            var files = Directory.GetFiles(path);
            foreach(string r in files)
                if(Regex.IsMatch(r, @"\.jpg$|\.png$|\.gif$"))
            //convert the list of images to a one dimension vector
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