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I need to do c++ programming without using array and function.please help me.i attach file below.

  1. "You did not copy your friends’ codes and you do not let them copy your codes."
  2. I see no mention we can't use arrays or functions.

Since no one here can give you code, let's hear where you are stuck along with my question which is why can't we use arrays and functions.

commented: I don't learn array lecturer doesn't teach me yet that why i cannot use it +0

Then hack at it using nothing but variables. remember that I can't supply you code according to the assignment. This will look terrible and is a very bad way to learn coding IMO. Frankly if it was my assignment I would code it with what I know and challenge the prof that learning this is teaching bad programming habits.

commented: You know what they say. Malpractice makes malperfect. +15

I need to make this game too.

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