I've just finished reading Eric Matthes' Python Crash Course. A book which I found great to learn Python within a short time. The learning process wasn't really hard for me as I was already familiar with programming in other languages. Now I'm done with it and I've just started learning Django since the past few days. Meanwhile, I want to keep practicing Python to avoid forgetting advanced Python topics such as OOP. I've been searching and experimenting different resources these past couple of weeks. I tried some online courses covering real world projects, creating GUI with Tkinter, Implementing useful algorithms, etc. But I didn't find any of them really suitable for what I'm looking for. I even asked GPT (!) for some suggestions and I got to know some famous books such as Python Playground, Python Projects and The big book of small python projects, but I just can't stop feeling uneasy about the issue and finding a good resource for this matter to keep on working on more Python projects beside the Django learning, in order to solidify my Python knowledge and avoide forgetting anything. So I wanted to ask someone who has more experience in Python learning journy. Is there anything you guys wanna recommend me? Any advices?

The only way to get good at something is by doing it. After decades of programming professionally in multiple languages I read several python book but I found that just "dabbling" was not sufficient to become comfortable with the language. I had to jump into the deep end of the pool (program almost exclusively in python) before I got to the point of thinking in python. It's a common thing to carry over programming practices from your comfort language. You have to unlearn certain habits.

One thing that I found prepared me (at least a little) was having programmed in APL. There are certain constructs in APL that make things like list comprehensions just make sense. In that case carrying over idioms from another language was actually beneficial.

I'm far from a python pro but if you have questions feel free to post them and I'll try to help.

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