This is a recursive function I made to draw purely CSS bar graphs. You pass it an array of data and the total amount, example:

$someData = array('Oranges'=>4, 'Apples'=>10);
$total = 14;
echo drawCSSGraph($someData, $total);

Also, you can pass it options in the form of an array or as space separated couples, exa:

//perfectly fine
echo drawCSSGraph($data, $total, 'height=20 width=300 color=#c0c0c0');
//works just as well
$options = array('height'=>20, 'width'=>300, 'color'=>'#c0c0c0');
echo drawCSSGraph($data, $total, $options);

Also, you can put [var] in the label which will be parsed out when the graph is drawn

$data = array('Data1: [var]'=>20, 'Data2: [var]'=>19);
echo drawCSSGraph($data, 39);
    Data1: 20
    [graph here]
    Data2: 19
    [graph here]

It will detect whether you're making a vertical or horizontal bar graph and adjust accordingly. If you want it vertical just make the height greater than the width.

function drawCSSGraph($data, $total, $settings='height=20 width=300 color=#c0c0c0'){
  //Emulate the symfony style of using settings
    $width = (isset($settings['width']))?$settings['width']:300;
    $height = (isset($settings['height']))?$settings['height']:20;
    $color = (isset($settings['color']))?$settings['color']:'#c0c0c0';
  } else {
    $settings = explode(' ', $settings);
    foreach($settings as $setting){
      $tmp = explode('=', $setting);
      $$tmp[0] = $tmp[1];
      if(!isset($width)) $width = 300;
      if(!isset($height)) $height = 20;
      if(!isset($color)) $color = '#c0c0c0';
  if(count($data) > 1){
    $HTMLoutput = '';
    foreach($data as $label=>$var){
      $labelv = preg_replace('/\[var\]/', $var, $label);
      $HTMLoutput .= drawCSSGraph(array($labelv=>$var), $total, $settings);
    return $HTMLoutput;
  } else {
    $variable = $data[key($data)];
    $label = preg_replace('/\[var\]/', $variable, key($data));
         <div style="width:'.$width.'px;height:'.$height.'px;border:1px solid black;padding:1px;">
            <div class=\'bargraph\' style=\''.
                (($width > $height)?'width':'height').':'.
                (($variable/$total)*($width > $height?$width:$height)).'px;background-color:'.$color.';\'></div>
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Small addition, in the argument list, if you change $total to $total=null Then right before if(count... you add the following

if($total == 0 || $total == null){
    foreach($data as $key=>$value){
      $total += $value;

You no longer have to pass a total since it will just do it for you. (small oversight on my part not to add it in the first place)

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