Hello everyone, how are you?

I have Visual Studio.NET 2003 and Windows XP Pro SP2.

My Visual Studio.NET won't open ASP.NET projects because it says I don't have ASP.NET 1.1. It turns out that I used WindowsUpdate to manually get v 1.1.4322 and it still says it. I have the latest .NET Framework installed.

I also visited the link that someone else posted on this site, (yes I have searched other topics) which is http://support.microsoft.com/kb/837234/

I can never find anything on their overgrown site. Even here, I can't figure out which version I need to download because they split it up.

I must be an idiot, it seems to me that I can't find any patches that work for 2003. I have searched several times on their site, and simply cannot find what I need.

Can someone please post the page for patches like the previous one, only for 2003 and then pick out the ones I need?

I would appreciate this help so much. Thank you very much.

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Alright, I just uninstalled everything and rebooted and reinstalled everything and tried it again, and the damn thing STILL won't open ASP projects!!! How does Microsoft expect us to get ANYTHING done?

I'm pulling my hair out. Does ANYBODY know how to install this? I guess going down the list in order isn't the way you are supposed to do things in the world of Microsoft.

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