I'm currently working on a project using Java Server Pages, XML and Oracle. I've worked with Java in the past, but have not worked with JavaServer Pages (currently still learning). It doesn't seem that bad, just tedious work - more code to initiate DB connections, and other processes compared to the other popular web languages (Perl, PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, etc.) If you have worked with JSP, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Here are some good web sites I visit for resources:


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Boo hoo I don't think anyone wants to use my new links section!

I think it's going to be hard for people to use. So many times in a post you want to put up links and it's much easier to just put in a post as you're giving some other story or just writing about it. :shock:

I hear ya ... I just thought it was a neat feature how you can create your own customized bookmark list. Especially the way it's so easy to look at the list of links posted by ppl, and then just click next to them, and there they are added to your own list!!

Just trying to convince ppl to test it out ... :P

maybe u can script a search by poster, capture urls, & automatically place em in a links area and/or personal bookmarks list driven by profile preferences (aux post urls to global links area by board topic set default to yes and aux post urls to personal bookmarks list set default to no, selectable by updating profile?)? fft

Sounds like a good idea. The overall idea of having a list of links in its own section sounds good, but I don't know how many people would bother with it... at this point anyways. A lot of the forums I visit that implement this don't have many links in it. Just my two cents.

btw Dan ...

how did that jsp/oracle project for Dr Doboli turn out?

Pretty good. She gave me an A for the semester. My final report turned out to be 70 pages. It was a lot of work, but I can't complain. I learned a lot, especially about XML and Web services.

Hey! Did you say XML Web Services?

If any of you guys have seen those Microsoft .NET commercials, where there slogan is "Thats 1 Degree of Seperation, thats business with .NET"?

Well the 1 degree of seperation is XML Web Services. Your JSP/Oracle app can talk to my ASP.NET/MSSQL app without a problem :-).

They are the name of the game, and the future of computing.

What, you're now advertising for Microsoft? =)

LOL! :-D

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