Good morning:

I really need some assistance and would appreciate any input. I basically create static sites and I have concentrated on the 508 standards and using CSS. I was just tasked at my job to create a front end for:

“a program that prepares documents, calendars and various other functions. The program is written in Visual Basic and uses Access drivers (not the program just the drivers) as a database….They want to have an interactive calendar on the website so clients could go to the website and schedule their own appointments…This will require the clients to enter certain information prior to the appointment being confirmed. That information would, then, be imported into the database so it wouldn't need to be typed again.”

I have to use PHP, I have recently bought a bunch of php books off of Amazon but I really don’t know where to start.

At this point I’m looking for direction. Possibly a check list of what I need to get in order first. Then can anyone suggest a tutorial/book? Luckily I have a month but I have a feeling I will need 2……

Thank you!

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I've been doing a lot of research and it looks to me like you can't use PHP when the dbse is written in Visual Basic and uses Access drivers (not the program just the drivers). It has to be in mysql, Am I correct?

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