I am trying to implement a customer survey into our webpages. The survey consists of a javascript file which launches an html file in an iframe. When the user meets certain parameters defined in the js file it launches the iframe. This works fine in Firefox and the iframe is launched perfectly. In IE this does not work at all. When the iframe is supposed to be launched the page goes blank. It does not even continue to load the web page and seems to be trying to open the html file, but does not. It does not throw any errors.

The js file is included in a jsp and in the same jsp a function of the js file is called. This is the function that checks if requirements are met and then launches the iframe. The implementation seems to be correct as it does work in Firefox as expected.

In firefox, the webpage loads and the iframe opens the html without a problem. Any ideas why this would happen? I cannot give you a url to see the error as this is in our development environment, but was hoping maybe someone has some experience with an issue like this and can point me in the right direction. Any help is appreciated. thanks.

What do you mean by *lauch* an IFRAME? Surely you must be meaning to say you *load* a HTML page in the existing IFRAME? If so, the code which does this might help us in knowing why your web page is not loaded in the IFRAME in IE.