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I got a problem while trying to hide and display the content within the <div> tag. Can anyone tell me how to do it. I tried with the following code its not working. i am using IE only and i want to work in IE only. Actually while loading the page the content should be in hide state.

function doInit() {
    	alert( "DoInit 1" );
    	element = document.getElementById('<divName>');
	element.style.display = 'none';


funtion doInit() {
document.getElementById(<divName>).style.visibility = 'hidden';

Firstly, it is really annoying that people keep posting JavaScript questions in the Java forum. They are so different.

Secondly, you got two things wrong:
1. Your <divName> is relavant for us. The function getElementById(), gets and element by it's ID, unlike the function getElementByName()!
2. In the second function, <divName> is not wrapped.

So, just change change your div:
From: <div name="<divName>"></div>
To: <div id="<divID>"></div>

The name doesn't matter, just pick one (you can make it id="Shaffer" for all your browser cares, just make only one. If more, your code will crash).

this is how your page should look (add more stuff freely)...

  <script type="text/javascript">
funtion doInit() {
  document.getElementById('<divID>').style.visibility = 'hidden';
<body onload="doInit()">
  <div id="<divID>"></div>

Notice the body onload="" since you wanted this to happen on page load.

Oh, and I see absolutely no reason for your first function to work!


Thank you,

And friends sorry for posting this javascript Q in java. It wont happen hereafter..

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