I have no experience with PHP, although some with C.

I want to make a site that allows a certain type of company to register on my site so their customers can order online, through my site. I want the company to be able to choose what their form questions will be. The submitted answers should go to their email. The customer should be able search for the company in a database of companies.

This may be a stupid idea, but at least I'll get PHP experience.

So my question: what's a good strategy to go about this? Any good links that may be pertinent to my situation?


Somewhat of a general question, but I'll try. I myself have just gotten into this PHP and MySQL programming and found I like using WAMP as a environment where I can quickly test what I just wrote. It also helps to have a notepad program that highlights your text so you can easily see your methods, comments, and variables in different colors. I have Textpad and Notepad++.

I find a good way to start is find out all the data that you will be able to save and all the content that will be changing and store that in your database. For example form questions, user data, and company data.

If you like to learn php or need a reference I use w3schools.com. They also have more topics on their home page for HTML, XHTML and more.

You could also do an internet search for "Php tutorial" + "login page". I found this site that might help you out. http://www.phpeasystep.com/workshopview.php?id=6

Good Luck!

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