Hello Team,

I want to load a dll functions into script javascript for digital signature verification.
I have tried this using CAPICOM dll and it woks well.
I have a custom DLL which has got the functions which can be used for digital signature creation/verification.

To Load the functions from my custom DLL i need to use functions from kernel32.dll .The funcions are SetErrorMode and LoadLibrary.
I want to call these functions into my javascript

My first doubt is can we load the dll (kernel32 or so) into javascript embeded within an html page and make use of its routine?

The functions i want to use are someting like

hInst = LoadLibrary("occlient.dll")
OriginalErrorValue = SetErrorMode(OriginalErrorValue)


am a cpp programmer..
iam writing a sample application in javascript..
for which i need to load a dll writteen in cpp..
can anyone pls guide me in how to load a library in javascript!

Arun P.

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