a. Customer Registration
i. Customers who do not have an online account should be able to register. Only customers with an existing bank account should be allowed to register online for online banking. You will have to allow the creation of bank accounts in the admin section.

b. Login
i. Only registered customers should be able to view accounts. Customers must not be allowed to access anyone else’s account details.

c. View Statements
i. A customer should be able to view the Last 30 days of transaction by default. Further marks will be awarded for allowing customers to select or enter a date range to view records and be able to download the statements for future viewing.

d. Bank Transfers
i. A customer should be able to pay bills and credit cards.

e. Direct Debits
i. Allow customers to set-up direct debit. **

f. Bank Admin
i. An admin section to allow
1. The disabling of a customer bank account.
2. A function to search and execute direct debit payments.
3. Customizable visual design & layouts.
4. There must be a section for the bank to send private messages to single & multiple customers.

** Note

You will not be able to actually interact with the banking system. You should simulate payments and the setting up of Direct Debits. Updating customer balances as necessary. It will be possible for you to allow transfer of funds between customers within the system.

Plz mail me, if u hav any solution or leave a msg for me, i hav completed customer registeripn part but left with other things......plz help me.......

Almost 2 years later, i am almost in the same situation as you mate. But I hope you were successful. I am mailing you regarding a problem i am facing.

check your inbox and please reply as soon as you can.


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