OK, im trying to develope an event calendar. So, far i have used only php. I am new to programming and thats the only language i have learned atm. anyway, when i click the next or prev month buttons it sets cookies for new months etc.. to a cookie.php from index.php. Inadex.php has an iframe displying main.php which uses fopen, fread etc to read txt files back containing the events. the prob is when i select a diff month it sets cookies and refreshes back to index w new month info, but the iframe isnt getting the new month info because its not being reloaded. Need some way to reload the iframe page once index gets the new variables from cookie.php. im not aware of a php refresh command script, so maybe theres some js to do this im not sure. any way heres my 3 pages im referring to:
here is my index.php"

<?php include("includes/header.php");?>
<?php include("includes/calendar1.php"); ?>

<div id= "side_page">

    <iframe src= "includes/main.php" height= "600px" width= "350px" name= "side_page" ></iframe>


here is the calendar1.php"

ini_set('date.timezone', 'America/Indiana/Knox');

$date = time();

$day = date('j', $date);  
$month = date('m', $date); 
$mon = date('M', $date); 
$year = date('Y', $date);  

if (isset($_COOKIE["month"])){

if (isset($_COOKIE["mon"])){

if (isset($_COOKIE["year"])){

$prevmon= $mon;
$prevy= $year;
$prevm= $month -1;
if($prevm <1){
$prevm = 12;
$prevmon= 12;
$prevy = $year-1;

$nextmon= $mon;
$nexty = $year;
$nextm = $month+1;
if($nextm >12){
$nextm = 1;
$nextmon= 1;
$nexty = $year+1;

$first_day = mktime(0,0,0,$month, 1, $year);  

$title = date('F', $first_day);   

$day_of_week = date('D', $first_day);

case "Sun": $blank= 0; break;
case "Mon": $blank= 1; break;
case "Tue": $blank= 2; break;
case "Wed": $blank= 3; break;
case "Thu": $blank= 4; break;
case "Fri": $blank= 5; break;
case "Sat": $blank= 6; break;

$days_in_month = cal_days_in_month(0, $month, $year);

echo "<div id =\"calendar\"><table border= \"0\" width= \"500\" height= \"600\">";

echo "<tr>
<td colspan=\"1\">
<a href=\"cal_cook.php?m=$prevm&y=$prevy&mon=$prevmon\"><span title= \"Previous Month\"><<</span></a></td>
<td colspan= \"5\" id=\"calhead\">$title $year</td>
<td colspan= \"1\"><a href=\"cal_cook.php?m=$nextm&y=$nexty&mon=$nextmon\"><span title= \"Next Month\">>></span></a></td>

echo "<tr>
<td width= \"42\">S</td>
<td width= \"42\">M</td>
<td width= \"42\">T</td>
<td width= \"42\">W</td>
<td width= \"42\">T</td>
<td width= \"42\">F</td>
<td width= \"42\">S</td>

$day_count = 1;

while($blank > 0){
echo "<td>&nbsp;</td>";
$blank = $blank -1;

$day_num = 1;
$first_of_month= mktime(0,0,0,$month, 1, $year);
$days= date('l', $first_of_month) ;

while($day_num <= $days_in_month){
echo "<td><span style= \"font-size: 35px; font-weight:bold; color:#ffffff;\" title = \"Today\"><a href=\"includes/";
    if($month== date(m)){
        Echo "main.php";
        $blank= "No events to display";
            echo "main.php";
    echo "?day=$days&mon=$mon&num=$day_num&t=$title&b=$blank&m=$month\" target= \"side_page\">$day_num</a></span></td>";
echo "<td><a href=\"includes/";
    if($month== date(m)){
        echo "main.php";
            $blank= "No events to display";
            echo "main.php";
    echo "?day=$days&mon=$mon&num=$day_num&t=$title&b=$blank&m=$month\" target=\"side_page\">$day_num</a></td>";


$days= date('l', $first_of_month+=86400);
    if($day_count > 7){
     echo "</tr><tr>";


while($day_count >1 && $day_count <=7)
echo "<td>&nbsp;</td>";

echo "</tr></table></div>";


here is the iframe page:

/*///////////////////////Introduction Heading///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////*/
if(!isset($_GET['day'])){    //default view, if no day has been selected. defaults to todays events. manual var set since no-
    $date= time();                        //"GET" has been sent yet
    $day_num= date("j",$date);            //ex.1-31 day number
    $month= date("F", $date);             //ex. October 
    $day= date("l", $date);               //ex. Sunday 
    echo "<h3>Todays events:</h3>";
    }else{                                  // if a day "HAS" been selected, var's will be available via "GET"
        $day_num= $_GET['num'];              //ex.1-31 day number
        $month= $_GET['t'];                  //ex. October
        $day= $_GET['day'];                  //ex. Sunday
        echo "<h3>Events for ";
        echo $day .", " . $month . " " . $day_num ."</h3>";

            $my_file= "appointment_" . $day_num . ".txt";
            $folder= $month;
            $fh= fopen("$folder/$my_file", 'r');
            $read= fread($fh, 500);
            $array= explode(".", $read);
            foreach($array as $event){
                echo $event . "<br /><hr /><br />";
<a href= "" >View Events for October</a>

here is my cookie page cal_cook.php:


// Write the current month and year into cookies and return back to index.php


setcookie("month", $month, time()+604800);
setcookie("mon", $mon, time()+604800);
setcookie("year", $year, time()+604800);

header ("location: index.php");


any help would be greatly appreciated

be careful when using something like fopen with a dynamic variable. If something you didnt expect got into that fopen, it could open files you don't want anyone to open (passwords files, files with database connection details, configuration files, etc.).

that being said, you cant refresh anything via php, as its server-side. 'refresh' is a client side activity, so it will have to be done in a client-side manner, html (meta refresh) or js (document.location).

Requiring cookies is not a very good user experience for a calendar. For example, if I was looking at the calendar for next march, and I found an interesting event or something on the calendar, and wanted to send it to a friend, I could give them a URL, but they would'nt have my cookies, so they'd be like wtf you sent me a link to this month, what date are you talking about.

I would suggest not using iframes at all, or at a bare minimum, use your $_GET vars on the iframe url in place of expecting a cookie.

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