Hi everyone,

I began reading about the various options in Fantastico for bloggers (b2evolution, Nucleus, WordPress) and I noticed that out in the world, these are sometimes referenced as CMS tools. Previously, my conception of CMS has included Joomla!, Mambo, and the like, but not these. Would someone be willing to describe the similarities and differences between the two categories, or between the two groups of applications?


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Any tool that allow you to simply manage content on a web site, without needing to do the HTML coding, is really a CMS.

Blogs packages are really just a sub-set of CMS tools. They are generally less flexible than full CMS systems. But often easier to use.


I would agree with passmark,

Basically to put it to its most basic difference is a blog is mostly more basic than a cms and better suited for one or a small number of contributers and a cms tend to offer more options and addons and are more suited for a larger number of contributers (writers).

Of course that is putting it very bluntly and basic, I am a huge fan of both Word Press (blog) and Joomla (cms). They both have their positives and negatives.


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