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I am trying to install MySQL++ on Windows XP and use it. I was able to install it in Linux because the website:


provided an RPM that built the libraries for you. As far as I can tell, no such thing is supplied for Windows. Supposedly, MySQL++ " works out of the box with Visual C++ 2005 and 2008." (quote from above website). That may be true, but my problem is installing it. From the README file, it says this:

You must build both the Debug and Release versions of the library.
You will need them both because when you build your program in
Release mode, it won't work with a MySQL++ DLL built in Debug mode.
The simplest way to ensure that you're running your program against
the correct DLL is to copy the debug version of the MySQL++ DLL
into your program's Debug build directory, and the same for the
Release directory.

I don't have a clue how to do the top line of this, which appears to be a prerequisite for actually "installing" MySQL++ and running the examples. Has anyone done this successfully? Do they provide some way to "build" these Debug and Release libraries? Like I said, I've gotten it working in Linux, but they provided an rpm to build it there.

Thanks for any guidance. I'm using Visual C++ 2008, the non-Express version.

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Unlike *nix you can install the source code anywhere you like.

I downloaded mysql++-3.0.2.tar.gz and used WinZip to decompress it. In the uncompressed directory you will see volders for VC2003 and VC2005. Just fire up your compiler and select File --> Open --> Project Solution. Navigate to whereever you installed MySql++ and select mysql++.sln

I guess you have to have MySql server installed because I can't compile it the VC++ 2008 Express. mysql_version.h is not included in the above download.

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Thanks AD! I tried your suggestion and I've had some moderate success. Still playing around with it, but definitely much further along than before your advice. I guess that maybe all they meant by "build" the library was to simply pull down "Build" from the Visual C++ menu and select "Build Solution". I was wondering if it was more complicated than that, though I won't breathe easy till I can get it to at least what I've accomplished in Linux, hopefully with the same code.

Yes, you do have to install MySQL Server on your machine to get the necessary "include" files, even if you're only connecting to a remote server. You can probably delete everything but the include files if you're not using it as a database server. And FYI for anyone who runs across this thread in the future, when you install MySQL Server 5.0, make sure you DO NOT pick the default install option because I believe that the default installation doesn't contain those "include" files needed by MySQL++. You have to either choose the "Complete Installation" or choose "Custom Installation" and make sure you check the right box to install those header/development files.

Thanks again! I certainly haven't solved it yet, but I'm at least no longer at a complete dead end banging my head against the wall (though who knows, I probably will be soon :) ).

All right, I've got it to where I had it using Linux so I'm marking this solved. However, I have to also change it over to my laptop from my Desktop and I was having some difficulties with that so I may be be back with a new thread on THAT soon (hopefully not and it'll go seamlessly), but that'll be a separate thread. Thanks again AD.

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