Hello everyone! Im just a newbie here, and i really need help from you guys. We have a project in our school right now... i want learn how to implement a simple "Post Messages and Announcements" using PHP and MySql in my site. Kind of like a miniforum where the user's posted messages can be saved, viewed, and searched...
do i really need to study and use PHPBB or can it be implemented by simply using PHP and MySql.

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You dont need phpbb for this. Save the user's messages in a table.. You can have 2 tables.. users and messages. user_id -> foreign key for messages. Whenever the user saves a message, save it in messages table which references the user_id of that user. List all the messages of that user for viewing.. select message_details from messages where user_id='user-id-of-that-user'; To search for a message, you can use select message_details from messages where message_details like '%-search-string-%' && user_id='user-id'; Since its a school project, I dont think you need more than that!



ok... wow. thank you. you must be an expert on web development. Im gonna try what you said. I'll try to make it work today. :)

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