Hello all!
I am struggling with what seems to be a very simple problem. Well, the issue is extremely annoying and problematic, and I am unable to figure out the solution.

I am using CSS to load an image onto my HTML page. The reason being because I'd like to be able to swap out the images using CSS depending on the circumstance. Well, for some odd reason, the image is showing up in Dreamweaver CS3 in my desighn panel, but it does not show once I load that same page into a browser! That is very frustrating.

Here is the code from my css file:

#me {
	background-image: url(../../images/avatar.jpg);
	background: #000000;
	background-repeat: no-repeat;
	background-attachment: fixed;
	height: 125px;
	width: 125px;
	position: relative;

Pretty straight forward. Now here is the code residing on my HTML page:

<td width="125"><div id="me"></div></td>

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why Dreamweaver is showing the image in my table cell, but once I load the page into a browser ( IE, Firefox, Netscape, etc ) I do not see anything except for the background color I picked for the css tag. The background color shows up, so I know that the HTML page is connecting properly to the css file.

Please help. Thank you in advance.

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My apologies, I didn't realize there was a seperate CSS section of the forum. I have reposted this same question over there.

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