Hi all,

I have a menu on my website and i got the code from a website called dynamicdrive.com, and the menu is based on css and a bit of javascript, with the menu content consisting of list values. The initial border for the menu is black, so that little line on the left of the list does not show, but i changed the border to #ccc. I was wondering if there is a css code to get rid of this line? Click on this link to get a pic which shows u the line that i mean:


and here is the page (just to make sure it is the list line, not just some code:


(the site is not nearly finished so theres loadsa errors which are not there on the real copy (ontside of my main site))


how do i delete the line on the left of a list?



If you're using a script someone else wrote, the best place to seek support is to ask the author.

What is a ".dwt" file? My browser didn't recognize it. Please revise the link to your page. Without the ability to see the page, it's going to be very difficult to help you.

Check the various "border" properties in your CSS and/or script.

Ok, dwt is a dreamweaver template file. I have replaced it with a regular .htm file so go here so see the page:


i have checked the css over and over again, as far as i can see there is no script telling the browser to put a line or border there. Take a look at the code.



This line of code in your page:

<a href="http://www.grafex.co.uk/" style="border-left: 1px solid black">Home</a>

Note the style, it seems pretty on-point to your problem. You should also note that your page does not look well in FireFox at all. Also, you have a script that apparently attempts to resize the user's browser window: major no-no.

Ok, its just a maximise window script because all the tables get messed up when the window is not maximised.

grrr i dont like firefox. do you have any ideas on how i can change the code so it works with firefox?

and ps:

thanks for the help with the border. i didnt think of looking at the content!

FireFox is a standards-compliant browser. So if your page doesn't look correct in FireFox, then chances are your page isn't coded correctly. Start with a proper, complete DOCTYPE (yours isn't complete), and then make sure you write code consistent with the declared HTML version.

ah ok. How do i complete the DOCTYPE?