I wish to insert an swf files in ASP.Net, how can I do it? What is the code in ASP.Net?

you can achieve that with single lines of html code :
<embed src="foo.swf" />
you can embed any object using embed tag.

Thanks buddy! How about if I wish to specify the size of the object?

you can specify those settings via tag attributes. like <embed width="59px" and so forth. if you use visual studio, the intellisense will propose you the attribute options when you push the space button after typing the tag.

This is valid XHTML code for inserting swf.

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="SWFPath" width="SWFWidth" height="SWFHeight">
<param name="movie" value="SWFPath" />

You can place a label control at the positon displaying swf info. Just set label caption with the swf tag. This way is simple but useful when you want to display swf samples for products for movie trailers on ecommerce webistes.

<OBJECT id="banner" style="WIDTH: 696px; HEIGHT: 192px" codeBase="images/banner.swf" code="images/banner.swf" VIEWASTEXT>
<PARAM NAME="movie" VALUE="images/banner.swf">
<embed src="images/banner.swf" width="696" height="192"> </embed>

change the required attributes like source ,width ,height ,,etc
hope ths wil help u,,
reply if it does

Thanks to all of you guys. Its a big help!