Hi everyone

This is sorta an open question.

I have a message systems that allows any third party person to send messages to the administrators and is done via mysql.

There is no real problem now but I was told what if someone wanted to abuse the system and bombard it with messages so it overflows, or abusive / fake messages, etc.

I gather you get my point now.

So what could I do using php to counter this?

I was thinking maybe something based on retrieving their ipaddress and doing something?

Any Ideas?

Thankyou, Regards X.

PS: The actual form is html with an attached javascript form and then the html form is sent to a php webpage to be processed.

Try using a captcha

I agree with Dukane here.
A captcha system is perfect for this type of thing.
Also, if your site is the type that requires a user account for certain things, you should make the ability to message you only available to those users who are logged in

That sounds great but what is 'captcha system'?


PS: in the mean time ill google it and see what comes up


Ok just googled it and found out what it is. I was thinking that BUT a few things:

1. Still dosent stop someone spamming/flamming/etc (any sort of malicious activity im trying to avoid) from the same ipaddress (even though it would defer them as the process would be exhausting)

2. How would I implement captcha system using php?