Hey I am working on an offline site. However for some reason i recently started getting pop ups when i attemtp to load my site. My site is not online, and I dont have any built in pop up, they are from other companies and websites. What is the cause of this and how do i stop it.

Hi Mexaros,
maybe you're linking to a remote site for web stats or some cool gadget.

I would probably search all files for "http". Internal links don't need to have http (use absolute or relative paths) so this search should discover external links.

You could also use an extension like Live HTTP headers (for Firefox)
(there are tools that do the same for MSIE, just Google for HTTP headers MSIE)
By seeing what HTTP requests are being sent out you can track down that little bugger :-)

I'd also try using a different browser. Maybe it's something related to MSIE and Firefox will not want to connect. Then you have to look for MSIE related bugs.
Or your browser has a toolbar that wants to connect. Or your box is spyware infected.

Or perhaps your website sends out HTTP headers forbidding caching, or you use sessions (that send out headers implicitly), hard to tell.

Let me know if you made any progress.