hi all
i am trying to develop an ecommerce site.
can anyone advice me, what all concepts i have to be thorough with, what all things i have to use?(webforms or frameset? etc)
i am using asp.net1.1
it will be really greatful, if you provide me some links, where i can search the details in developing an ecommerce site.
do i need to add frameset to the solution and import the existing webforms into that?
i have thwo webforms, one displaying the products for shopping, other which gives the corresponding details, when a particular product is clicked
i think, my problem is clear to you all
thanks in advance

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No, the problem isn't really clear. In order to get the most benefit from a site like this, you need to ask very specific questions. No one can really take on a complete project, from start to finish, for you.

I would suggest that you learn ASP.NET, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Start with small static pages, then slowly move up to dynamic pages, such as a Guest Book application.

Once you have the core concepts, you can attempt an "e-commerce site".

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