Hi All
I have a question , i am doing small interface ( using php,mysql,IIS) , the data stored in the database as unicode data , now i want to retreive the data and display those data in php interface but it should not in unicode format ( so i need to convert it to it orginal data) so how to convert unicode to its orginal data

note the data stored in the table like this


data should be displayed like this in ( php interface)


Needed urgently am newbie to php

Hi Anitha,
I'm sorry but "0245875224485" isn't a unicode format for anything but "0245875224485".
"Anitha" in unicode would again be "Anitha". I guess that when you try to convert Unicode to some ISO charset you will find out that it didn't help.

But let's stick to your specs. To convert a string from UTF-8 (say we're talking about UTF-8 here; "unicode" is rather a general word and can mean more than one thing) to ISO-8895-2 (I don't know what your "original" charset was) you can use iconv() function:

$converted_8895_2 = iconv("UTF-8", "iso-8859-2", $utf8_string);