i have been asked to fix a problem on a content management system website. when the user edits the text and then clicks on the save button it is not updating the text on the pages selected. the code that is being used is

oEdit1.btnSave= true; // Enable save button
	    oEdit1.onSave = new Function("save()"); // Specify a function to call

and the function looks like this

function save()
	document.forms.form1.elements.inpContent.value = oEdit1.getHTMLBody();

if anyone can help please get back

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it is using the innovastudio WYSIWYG editor which i have never come across. if there is anyone who has used this before and could help please shed some light on the situation.


> it is using the innovastudio WYSIWYG editor which i have never come across.

Why not try your luck at their support forums? You would have a much better chance of getting help there.


Hello ! Did you solve your problem ?

I'm having a slightly different problem with Innova Editor.

I'm trying to have a custom save button with javascript / ajax to avoid submiting the form so as to keep the editor open for further editing.


just try that:

oEdit1.onSave = save;

but take care with this in the save function!


... and you need to add the event:

window.addEventListener("save",save, false) //invoke function

there are different syntax for IE and FF.

better use:

oEdit1.onclick = save;
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