I have installed eclipse and I need to learn JSP as quickly as possible.. I think firstly I need to install JSP plugin for eclipse but I could not find it. Do you have any suggestion for plugins? The syntax of jsp is similar to php or asp.net? or anything else..


There is no plugin for JSP you need to install Apache Tomcat on your machine in order to run JSP. Select any of the tutorials found on google to get you started, here

hmm, most of those "tutorials" are either utterly and totally wrong or hopelessly outdated, "teaching" the JSP 0.9 coding style which has been out of favour with every serious code for the better part of a decade.

Best to get either Head First Servlets and JSP or Hans Bergsten's JSP book (in the latest edition of course), both published by O'Reilly.

The tutorials are just how to get Tomcat working with Eclipse not targeted to teach JSP, for that is realy best to pick up book