I got a Web Site (www.papikos.com) which shows well in MOZILLA (check it out).

In IE is shows bad, on the left, right side too much space and the header is also not good (please check it too).

Can somebody help with the according SCRIPT to make it look nice in IE too?

You can send reply directly to my e-mail (>snipped<).

Thank you,


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This is a common problem. Suggestions:

1. Use real html to define the basic page. Don't put everything in a script.

2. Remember to not apply defined block object sizes (width or height) and surrounding styles (margin, border, padding) to the same tag. This is true whether you use inline styles or CSS. IE and FF nest these two types of styles in opposite orders.

3. Apply the page master margins as padding in the body tag.

4. You may have to apply justification styles specifically to table elements. IE defaults to top-justifying table cells, FF defaults to middle-justifying them.

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