Hello all!

I am very new to php...still trying to grasp the fundamentals of it. I have a scenario that I hope I could make work, because it will save me A LOT of time and heartache.

Here's the deal....I have two different websites. However (this may be confusing because I may not be explaining this clearly enough), the one is an extension of the first. In other words,
www.ABC.com is my main website, and www.123.com is a totally seperate site that is accessed like this-


Now, I already have the database for www.123.com (the extended site) setup, while I have done nothing with the main site yet other than making templates for it and such. I am almost ready to start doing the "dirty work", i.e. making the site functional. I'm wondering, once the site is live and starts attracting members, is it possible to have the members from both sites register into the same database? Keep in mind, the extended site (www.123.com) is already setup up and ready to go (because it was a script I purchased), so can I have the two share the same database? If so, could someone show me how this is done or point me in the right direction?

Thanks for any help!

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you can conect 2 databases at the same time to share the users table but consumes resources.

if you want do that, need make a database whit be capable to chose between the sites and show the data that corresponds.

show your structure and we can talk about it.

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