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Here is my date code

I just put this in but it is showing Saturday, December 30, 1899 and wont change. What is wrong???


I can't help you because I have no idea what you're doing


Sorry should of been more clear - I was trying to get it to give me the day and date (ie. Saturday October 2, 2004)

Here is another question too - Stupid me when I wrote a membership program I did all the code then was going to link to my site. The problem is I was using css.,(most of my pages or done) so all my pages go to one page when hitting that link. How can I get that one page to automatically go to the other page so I don't have to change all my code. (Hope this makes sense as I tend to babble and not get my point across. :o


Its showing you a weird date because the strDate variable probably isnt set.

The strDate var needs a date to be set. Above the format date in your asp code add

strDate = Now()

or just use

<%= FormatDateTime(Now(), 1) %>
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