When I disable my webpage the text in my edit fields duplicates. e.g. ABC changes to ABCABC. THis only seems to happen when I have my edit fields in a <table>. A sample of my code is provided. I'd appreicate any help. Thanks, B.


<script type="text/javascript"> 
function disableForm&#40;form&#41; 
alert&#40;'disable form'&#41;; 

// --> 


<form name="formname"> 



<input type=edit name="textinput" value="abc"/> 
<td align=left>input</td> 
<TD align=left><input type=edit name=userName>* </TD> 


<input type="button" value="test" onclick="java script&#58;disableForm&#40;this.form&#41;;" /> 

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what does this page actually suppose to do cause from what i can see it works and runs on my computer after i removed

java script&#58;

from line

<input type="button" value="test" onclick="java script&#58;disableForm&#40;this.form&#41;;" />

please if that doesnt do it can you explain what the page does so when i take it and run it i know if its working right. :D

I have to ask the same.

What do you want the page to do.

The formating is kind of wacky, but otherwise, if you remove the JavaScript: and the ending ";" as big_k105 said, it works fine, according to your posted code/function implementation.

Sorry! I posted the wrong code!! I have since adjusted it. It is just a very rough sample of something I'm working on, I know the formatting is not right in some places. Anyway what I basically want to try to do is to disable the from. The problem I am having is that when my fields are inside a table the text duplicates when the form is disabled. You should be able to see that if you run my now adjusted code.
Thanks, B

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