$lines = file('http://www.website.com/jd.rtf');
foreach ($lines as $line_num => $line) {
print "<table width='30%'>";
  print "<tr><td><a href='http://www.website.com/jd.rtf'>". htmlspecialchars($line) . "<br />\n</a></td></tr>";
print "</table>";

the above code uses array,i want all the array data to get stored in a string...it is not working.Error:page cannot be displayed.But the is there

the above code is not accepting doc file.please tell me how to do

1. Is 'allow_url_fopen' set to 'on' in your php.ini ?

2. From php.net/file:

Note: If you are having problems with PHP not recognizing the line endings when reading files either on or created by a Macintosh computer, you might want to enable the auto_detect_line_endings run-time configuration option.

my 'allow_url_fopen' is set on