when i use mysql queries with php, is there any way to load my page faster?
Can certain divs or tables that use mysql query being executed last? after the page fully loads?

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I think that's not possible because the script is executed in the web server before it is viewed by the user.Why do you want to do this anyway?

well, i want the user to get all the page structure first before the mysql data presented.

The mysql query i execute is taking a long time. Many visitors close their window because of this. Based on my awstats ,the page's average visit time is less than 1 minute :(

Connection problems?Server problems?Try to optimize your code to make it a little faster.

Good day!!

Hi...I having hard times in doing my thesis..it's a online voting system...it's like student council election...It's like....once i login...I can cast my vote then...results will be then automatically displayed with bar graph..student should be vote only one candidate in each position.Then...he can't vote once he voted already..after voting..he may then log-out...
We're using PHP as our programming language and mySQL as our database..

can you help us..I need response asap..thanks...

well, i've checked my code again and again.. there's nothing left to optimize. And then I just found out that the server is upgrading their contol panel and everything... no wonder it slows down.. never thought the problem comes from the server. Thanks, Ryan :)

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