var cBrand = document.getElementById('cBrand');
	var cType = document.getElementById('cType');
	var cStyle = document.getElementById('cStyle');
	var cFrame = document.getElementById('cFrame');
	var cGroupSet = document.getElementById('cGroupSet');
	if (empty(cBrand) && empty(cType) && empty(cStyle) && empty(cFrame) && empty(cGroupSet))
		alert("Please Choose atleast 2 Criteria");
		return false;
           return true;

The above code is not working --------- Please advise. thx

Where is the definition of the empty() function? It would be better if you posted a working copy of your code which we can directly use for testing your example rather than trying to figure out what seems to be wrong in the small snippet presented to us.

Thanks for the advise, solved.