i am a new user of php and mysql
now i have wampserver install on the computer and dreamwaver, I try to write a phpcode and run it on my browser but it was giving displying page can not be display and before then i try to configure the my dreamwaver to connect to the php file using the define new file but when testing for the url it doesnt give me an information the connection was succesful pls can you help on the step that i can take to configure my php and the site so that it works perfectly at least to display hello world? Thanks

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Instead of directly running from the dreamweaver, which opens the php file instead of parsing it through the apache server try opening it from the location of the server. What i mean is :

make a directory called "test" in your htdocs folder in WAMP installation and copy your "hello.php" to that folder.

Now in the browser put this link.


Thank for te replies but i have not get the solution to the problem. Let me analyze how i am creating the website.
1. creating the web page from the web dreamwaver and selecting php pages
2. form the site menu in DW select new site which will prompt for site name, the server technology that i want to use which is php/mysql,
3. This is where the problem lies which ask where i want to store your file on the computer then i select c\wamp\www\afolder\ from the www i create a folder for my site in which i store all pages that i create, There is a message box that give a warning that the root folder you have chosen is inside the folder for site 'test' which may cause synchronises and so on.
4. form the testing page when i click on Test URL it give me that DW can not use the prefix you enter that really show that i cannot proceed to even run any script. pls help me out i have a lot of project on me to write and the bases i cannot get it correctly i need your help.

This sounds as though your having a problem with Dreamweaver - not with your php setup.

Why not use Windows Explorer - Navigate to C:\WAMP\WWW\afolder\ and create a txt file. Open the file using notepad and type:


Save the file as index.php - then open your web browser and navigate to that location and see what happens....

If you still have problems let me know.

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