I want to show a login pop up window that has the username and password, I want it to be like the prompt.

Can anyone help....

If you mean the popup window that appears in your browser asking for a username and password, this relies on the htaccess and htpasswd files, was it this you are looking for or another type of login box?

U can create ur login page separately and use window.open in ur home page, using javascript or anywhere in the body of ur default home page the following will lead you to the right path

You can also use the window.moveTo function to move the popup window to a desired location. The code below shows positioning the popup at a desired location

function mypopup()
   mywindow = window.open ("TheNameOfUrLoginWindow.htm",

The code positions the popup on the top left corner of the screen.

Thank You this is exactly what I want :)

Ur welcome :) , Mark it as solved if solved